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The key to the overall ethos at Worthington lake is the home from home principle. In a layout specifically considered to help those with short-term memory loss there are no out of bounds areas. Individuals are encouraged to follow their own path and create their own space – personal identity isn’t left at the front door, it’s encouraged to flourish.

Our Mission

Worthington Lake has been designed around a ground-breaking model of dementia care which allows people living with Dementia to be able to live as independently as possible encouraging them to be empowered and to make their own decisions.

The fundamental belief of the household model of care is that people living with dementia can thrive well in a nurturing environment, which in turn reduces their anxiety and stress levels which also improves their wellbeing.

A change of routine and environment can be very daunting for someone who’s living with dementia. Worthington Lake enables greater freedom for people living in the home to do more for themselves and feel less restricted.

It is our mission to make this sense of person identity flourish at Worthington Lake. We have spent an extensive amount of time and investment researching and creating a pioneering environment and working to incorporate an emotions driven care team. We can’t wait to meet you.

Working alongside academics at the world-renowned University of Stirling’s Dementia Services Development Centre (DSDC), Worthington Lake has been built to be a truly bespoke living space for those with Dementia and can proudly boast being the first in the Greater Manchester and Lancashire area to be on track to be awarded the University’s Gold Accreditation for excellence in dementia design.

Our staff at Worthington Lake care home are trained to provide the very best person-centred care.

While dementia care has a history of being task orientated and institutionalised, Millennium care sees a total transformation in the way people with dementia are cared for, with a focus on their emotions, and replicating home-like environments and everyday activities they enjoyed at home as a family.

Features, layouts and facilities at Worthington Lake help maintain residents’ quality of life, improve working conditions and provide a better care culture for residents, staff, and visitors alike. The central hub of the home is designed to be engaging and inviting, kitchenettes encourage residents to participate in activities and transform each meal to a participatory social dining experience.

The built environment and interior design of Worthington Lake is focused on enabling residents with dementia to be as independent as possible by using the latest research to design the care home in a way that maximises positive effects where possible.

There has also been great focus on providing meaningful activities and opportunities for residents.

As many of our residents will have spent much of their lives taking part in household chores, to continue these in a care home environment can be calming for a person with dementia, which in turn gives a sense of purpose and fulfilment. Worthington Lake’s unique design includes kitchenettes in each dining room, with facilities to make drinks and snacks, set tables for meal times and a washing machine, this design helps maintain personal identity.

We are committed to raising standards and delivery of care that goes above and beyond ensuring residents enjoy the exciting and stimulating lifestyle they deserve without compromise – our ethos is living life to the full.

Less dreaming and more living

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