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Bespoke Design

The home’s layout and unique features have been guided by the most forward-thinking research in dementia design principles allowing individuals the freedom and confidence to use their abilities to the fullest extent in a safe, homely and enabling environment.

Designed and built to offer bespoke and specialised dementia care the 32-bed home will offer dementia care that is truly bespoke. The care home’s layout and design has been guided by the most forward thinking research in dementia care to allow individuals the freedom and confidence to use their abilities to the fullest extent in a safe, secure and enabling environment.

What to expect at Worthington Lake

We empower residents to retain independence through their involvement in day to day activities. So, whether it’s access to the secure outdoor sensory spaces or supervised involvement in the kitchen facilities, where residents can prepare their own food, we ensure every resident is free to live their life to its fullest.

Our extensive range of features and services is what sets Worthington Lake apart. The open-plan central hub provides easy access to a number of areas, such as the tea room, dining room with terrace and private patios. And with hair salon visits, farmers markets and gardening on the agenda, there is a wide range of activities for residents to enjoy.

Tailored living

At Worthington Lake, we understand how important it is for our residents to feel at home. This is particularly important for people with dementia. A sense of familiarity is key, avoiding further confusion from an unsettling atmosphere.

Following extensive research into dementia care and design, we have tailored each and every room within Worthington Lake to suit the needs of our vulnerable residents and allow people to feel at ease in our home. In addition, we have a variety of mood boards and brochures with various furniture and room designs for residents to choose from.

Embracing nature

Regular exposure to outdoor environments carries numerous benefits for everyone. Spending time outdoors can aid recovery times, increase socialisation and help to maintain fitness and cognition. At Worthington Lake, residents can enjoy three communal areas, all with unrestricted access to the grounds.

Our ground floor lounge features floor to ceiling doors that lead out onto a landscaped sensory garden, with seating areas and raised planter beds where residents grow their own vegetables. Similarly, the ground floor dining room is home to double doors leading onto a patio seating area with stunning views of the surrounding nature. Our first-floor dining area also has a secure balcony area, overlooking the peaceful lake, with space for outdoor dining.

In a good light

Visual impairments are common for elderly people, particularly those with dementia. Dementia also poses further sight challenges, as the brain may not always be able to process the information that the eye is receiving.

One of the key priorities of Worthington Lake is to ensure that each room reaches the ideal tonal contrast, whilst maintaining the homely feel. A meticulous lighting system has been implemented throughout the care home, considering the appropriate lux levels required for residents with dementia to see well.

There is a higher lux level, for instance, over counters in the kitchen, because of the detail of tasks that are carried out there. All of these considerations aim to further enable each resident’s independence and their quality of life.

We are committed to raising standards and delivery of care that goes above and beyond ensuring residents enjoy the exciting and stimulating lifestyle they deserve without compromise – our ethos is living life to the full.

Less dreaming and more living

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